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The GRAY GHOST is not a new lure - it is simply a new color in the 'PERFECT' crappie jig series. But, that is where the simplicity stops!! Lure manufacturer, Bob Young, and Jim have been evaluating this jig color for the past few months. The Perfect Crappie Jig. The Perfect Crappie Jig - fishing jig for crappie fishing. Visit. Discover ideas about Crappie Lures. Perfect Crappie Jig - fishing jig for crappie fishing. Crappie Lures Crappie Jigs Crappie Fishing Tips Carp Fishing Trout Fishing Best Fishing. The PERFECT Crappie Jig is a crappie lure like the crappie fishermen have never seen before. It simply catches crappie. Ice Fishing Jigs Carp Fishing Rigs Crappie Fishing Tips Fishing Tricks Fly Fishing For Beginners Fishing Videos Saltwater Fishing Gear Fishing Knots Bass Fishing Tips. Specifically designed for swim jig anglers, the perfect swim jig offers hand crafted construction to everyone of our baits. Touching each bait eight times before it hits a package, the quality is clear. Offering several colours, a slender designed head, crafted with a premium Owner 5/0 hooks and 3D living eyes, these jigs are built to catch. NewCrappieJigs The Perfect Crappie Jig - fishing jig for crappie fishing See more. Fly Fishing Tips Fishing Tricks Fishing Games Fishing Jig Crappie Fishing Tips Fishing Pliers Fishing Stuff Ice Fishing Fishing For Beginners. Listen to the wrong anglers.

Jim Porter's 'PERFECT' CRAPPIE JIG New Colors!!! A lot of you crappie anglers have been after us to make the PERFECT Crappie Jig in what appear to be the two most popular colors in the country - a solid chartreuse and a hot pink version. What others are saying Here are some selections of the best crappie lure, jig and bait. Trying to choose the best crappie lures, jigs and bait for any given day of fishing can be tricky. The Berkley PowerBait Power Minnow is perfect for use as a jig trailer or for a spinner or bottom-bouncing rig. Its split-tail design gives it a life-like motion that echoes the action of a wounded baitfish and works well as a finesse presentation for pressured lakes. 02/01/2012 · Sent me a pm today and said the perfect Crappie jig will go away by March 2012 as the man making his jigs died and his wife is not carrying on the jig making. His stock will be gone by March 2012 or before and he only has 150 gray ghost left so if you want any you better get ahold of him fast as they won't last long.

22/04/2015 · I think DBD is right on. Now, Since I think that far more jigs are sold on customer eye appeal,I would like to see a little 1/80 oz jig head shaped like the design Crappie Pro uses for crappie jigs with a 8 nickel steel hook. I think that would tie into a sharp looking kip tail. jig. 31/05/2017 · What's the best way to set up rods, reels, line and lures for a great day of crappie fishing. Two most successful setups are the Float Rig and the Jig Head.

Here are some selections of the best crappie lure, jig and bait. Trying to choose the best crappie lures, jigs and bait for any given day of fishing can be tricky. Crappie Milf Jig $ 6.89; Crappie Swim Jig $ 7.99; Crawdad Punch Jig $ 6.89; Crazy Perch Arky Jig $ 6.89; Crazy Perch Swim Jig $ 7.99; Crystal Minnow Swim Jig $ 7.99; Dace Swim Jig. Perfect Craw Elite jig $ 8.29; Perfect Craw Elite Mini jig $ 8.29; Pink Flash Jig $ 7.29; Pink White Arky Jig $ 6.89; PJ & J Tungsten Jig $ 7.99 – $ 8.99. The Perfect Jig - 503 flipping jig way, never never land, Whitby, Ontario L1x j1g - Rated 5 based on 25 Reviews "The precision at which the perfect jig. IT'S HARD WATER TIME!!! Shop Now. Monthly Colours. JIG OF THE MONTH CLUB!!! $ 85.99; 3.5″ White swimmer. Fall Crappie Fishing Tactics That Work. March 20, 2019. Whip out the contour maps and depth finders and spider troll until you find the perfect spot and you just may develop a whole new outlook on fall crappie fishing! Categories Techniques and Rigs Post navigation. The Best Crappie Jig Colors for Any Situation. The Crappie Fishing Checklist.

15/04/2016 · A 3/32-ounce jig is a middle-of-the-road weight that's pretty versatile. When you're vertical jigging over brush piles, or any structure, you want the jig to be parallel when you pause. Round head jigs stay evenly horizontal, which I think most accurately represents a real baitfish. I find that jigs that lay nose-up or down catch fewer crappie.". 07/01/2013 · There are lots of good jigs on the market. In the most recent Crappie World mag, there are a couple of articles about jig fishing, and all the guys are using different jigs. IMO, depth and speed are far more important than the jig I've got tied on. Having said that, the best thing you can do. Try one or try all of these crappie fishing techniques and see what works best! Vertical Jigging. Jigging is by far the most common of all crappie fishing techniques. It can be very useful where casting is not an option, and where there is heavy cover that requires finesse to properly present your jig. 15/01/2008 · IMHO there is no such thing as "the perfect crappie jig" there are good jigs tied well and there are some not so good tied less than good. Then there is junk. All are out there and all will sell and I am sure all will catch a fish or two. You just need to decide what you want and go for it. If it is not as good as you wanted, don't buy that one. The PERFECT Crappie Jig is a crappie lure like the crappie fishermen have never seen before. It simply catches crappie. Fishin' Tipster fishing store and outdoor store provides quality fishing gear, rain gear, fishing books, fishing tackle and much more.

24/09/2010 · Tie a jig a foot to four feet below the bobber; the depth that you fish depends upon how deep the crappie are. You want the jig to be a little shallower than the fish.Cast toward the shoreline and slowly reel in the float. You can twitch the float and then hesitate to make the jig jump a little and swing back under the float. It goes without saying that you have to use the right tool for the job if you want to maximize your crappie catch. The best crappie rod and reel type for all-around crappie fishing will almost always be an ultralight or light spinning combo. The crappie is a panfish indigenous to North American fresh waters. Sometimes called “papermouth” because of its soft mouth, or strawberry bass, speckled bass, speckled perch and other denominations, the name crappie derives from the Canadian French crappé, or crapet, which refers to.

I see the Gray Ghost PERFECT Crappie Jig is an outstanding lure for your fish. Hope you do well with them!! I presently have plenty of them in stock. SLAB Crappie Lurking Under Docks and The Perfect Setup To Catch Them! - Duration: 9 minutes, 2 seconds. The most important crappie fishing gear items are Kwik Clips. These little beauties will make quick work of changing lures. Another great feature of this crappie fishing gear item is that it hold your jig in the perfect position! Clearly you can see how your crappie fishing gear collection could benefit from these.

Do not be afraid to try any and every hue of crappie jig available, including dark green, blue and black jigs, in very clear water. Because crappies school together and often feed in a frenzy like sharks, you may find you can catch dozens of them, one after another continuously, as soon as you put the right jig. The Best Crappie Jig Colors for Any Situation. July 1, 2018 June 9, 2016 by Jake. To be a king in the game, you will need to know your gear. If you hang around other crappie fishermen, it would be hard to miss a discussion about the best crappie jig colors. Even so, there is hardly ever an agreeable answer. Casting and retrieving is one of the most popular methods of fishing crappie with jigs. The technique is self-explanatory, you cast your jig as far as you can then slowly retrieve your jig enticing the crappie to bite. The key is to retrieve slowly keeping your jig at the same water column as the crappie.

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